June 18, 2008

St Thomas Jamaica

Jamaica Beach Property

St. Thomas is a parish situated at the south eastern end of Jamaica. Has some of the most beautiful beaches of all the Caribbean islands also has mountains which are speckled with exotic plants and greenery, providing a sight that is breath taking almost any time of the year. Buying property anywhere in the world has its pros and cons and St. Thomas is no different.

Buying property in St. Thomas is not a bad investment, you will be less than 30 minutes east of Kingston, where you have universities and is the hub of all if not most of Jamaica’s business offices. If you have employment or have to go to school in Kingston it is easier to commute. Jamaica is bustling in the real estate market now and if you are an investor at heart and like to see transformation, well this parish is a good place to do some investing. In this parish you could benefit from having commercial and residential developments. This would create jobs and housing which is well needed and you maximize on your returns.

However, persons might dissuade one from buying property in St. Thomas because it is one of the rural and poorest parishes. The workforce is primarily unskilled result in exceedingly difficult to get employment. The economy is based on crops such as sugar cane, bananas, coconuts and coffee.


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