June 5, 2008

Real Estate Jamaica West Indies

Real Estate Jamaica West Indies

Real estate in Jamaica West Indies compared to the wider Caribbean is giving better value for money. Considered secure and has real potential growth, suitable for long and secure ventures, comparing to other form of investing.

Real estate makes sense as an investment, regardless of what the stock market is doing. When you put money down for commercial or residential property investments they are three times as likely to maintain their value or even rise when the rest of the market declines.

If you want to invest in real estate the options are numerous, it could be:

Land, what better way than investing in raw material, if you can manage to snap up parcels for reasonable price?

Commercial building, which can include office building, shopping malls, warehouse are real attractive to long term leases, plus most businesses sign up for at least five years.

Apartment or Townhouse, this is one of the most popular investments in the urban areas at this time.

Residential development, developers are creating new waves now and putting in large number of homes, it is quite attractive to rentals they are mostly in areas that are close to schools and work. It is up to you to choose the right property, estimate cash flows, and pay the right price and then you are on your way to building secure and long term wealth.

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vvs said...

Inflation figures for Jamaica at the end of December 2008 showed an increase of 16.8 per cent in prices over the previous year. This means that, on average, an item that costs $ 100 in December 2007 will cost $ 116.80 a year later. BOJ calculates inflation in periodically to track changes in the cost of a large basket of goods and basic services, including bread, agricultural products, clothing and electricity.


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