June 15, 2008

Real Estate in St. Thomas Jamaica

Jamaica Beach Property

St. Thomas parish is situated at the south eastern end of Jamaica and in the county of surrey. St Thomas has the unique distinction of having it all under one roof, having a great choice of activities no matter what your flavor and has some of the most beautiful beaches of all the Caribbean islands. White sandy beaches that allow you to quietly soak up the sun as you let all the tension leave your body.

Residents of St Thomas are just about as laid back as you can get, which further adds to the overall atmosphere of relaxation. This beautiful parish however has its disadvantages, significantly a parish rural in nature and if you are thinking of buying property here you will have some setbacks due to lack of infrastructures such as:

The closure of many factories which results in unemployment of persons, you even have some professionals who cannot find employment.

The bridge commonly called the Yallahs fording which has forces everyone using that section of the parish to use the river bed, has not been replaced after its destruction over three years ago. This is a major way of traveling to Kingston.Lack of economic activities such as, bad road network, poor transportation, the lack of piped water, poor condition of market and the eroding of the coastline which needs safeguarding.

This is the least recognized in productivity and widely referred to as the most backward of all the 14 parishes.

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