June 17, 2008

Real Estate in Ocho Rios Jamaica

Real Estate In Jamaica

Ocho Rios is the capital of the garden parish St. Ann, and one of the tourist towns located on the north coast. A very popular place for our tourist visitors they travel from neighboring towns to enjoy what Ocho Rios has to offer. With attractions such as famous Dunn’s River Falls and Dolphin Cove. However as with living anywhere in the world, this town also has its advantages or disadvantages and will reflect on the development of that area.

The advantages of purchasing property in Ocho Rios are:

Investing in resort properties that can give some formidable returns, you have overseas coming in directly through the towns cruise ship terminals.

The commercial zone is on the increase and has room for growth.

Demand for housing, you will have persons migrating from rural areas for jobs such as what is offered at major hotels in this town and returning locals or overseas investors wanting to buy a second home.

Disadvantages are:

You will pay more for good, cheap accommodation and often time goods and services are very expensive, due to fact that this is a tourist town.

Pollution and overcrowding also would be factor

This beautiful town does not have proper drainage system in place and is prone to flooding

Not to be daunted though, if you do your research to see where you could achieve good solid return, one cannot lose if property is purchased in this area.

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