June 16, 2008

Mandeville Jamaica Real Estate

Property In Jamaica

Mandeville is in central Jamaica and is the capital of Manchester. Buying a property in any area, you would have already done your research and know how you would want to invest. Buying property in Mandeville has its advantages and disadvantages:

Here are some advantages:

A cool an almost temperate climate where average temperatures tend to be a few degrees cooler than other towns.

A significant economic activity in the commercial sector, which is foreseen for real growth.
Offers high level education from its universities.
A demand for housing solutions from both rural migration and returning residents.
The cleanest, most attractive and best run towns in Jamaica.


This town does not have any resort properties, so persons loving the beach may prefer to live or invest in other areas.
A significant amount of land in Mandeville is constrained by bauxite leases or steep slopes.
Not many tourist travelers.
Lack of shipping pier.

Buying property in this area is not a bad investment and the construction of highway 2000 has significantly reduced travel time between Kingston and Mandeville. Thus, making this area more attractive and has increased the demand for housing solutions in this area.

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