June 12, 2008

Land For Sale in Portland Jamaica

Jamaica Real Estate

Portland is a well preserved tropical paradise with lush green vegetation, mountains to beautiful beaches tucked in picturesque coves. This area has rivers, waterfalls, hidden coves and best but least crowded beaches in Jamaica today. This parish has many attractions which is loved by visitors and locals and therefore its advantages of wanting to live there.

Port Antonio, the capital town built on twin harbors was the primary Jamaican destination for vacationing movie stars, politicians and tycoons. Have places such as Navy islands and the glamorous Frenchman’s Cove, where one can experiences the real essence of Jamaican community and explore its beauty. Eco-tourism is bustling in this parish you can take nature trails through the Blue Mountains, rafting on the Rio Grande leisurely on a bamboo raft, refresh in the cool waters of the Somerset and Reich Falls.

Visits sites such as the famous blue lagoon, folly ruins a haunting mansion overlooking the sea, Charlestown maroon museum and maroon settlements in the home of national heroine nanny. This parish is very unique and being as Jamaica is a tropical island, with its quaint atmosphere, beautiful natural surroundings, some of the best beaches in Jamaica. Portland has always being a big hit with local and overseas visitors alike.

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