June 22, 2008

Land for sale in Jamaica WI

Surveyor’s identification reports make exact measurements and define the legal boundaries of the property. This provides data with the location and other features of the land and verifying that survey pegs are in place. This report should be done only by a Commissioned Land Surveyor, who can legally restore the boundaries, they have the requisite training and experience; and are qualified to provide advice where a dispute over land boundaries has already occurred and if required, provide expert testimony in court.

When purchasing property, lets say land, an assessment is done and a document is prepared that guarantees that the land is the land being described on the title, that the boundaries are in place and there are breaches in the covenant. This report is needed before entering into sale agreement, as a safeguard for the purchaser avoiding problems that will infringe on land use laws, regulations and encumbrances; the sale agreement should require that the survey marks be located prior to the sale, and that the buyer has a right to see that the boundary pegs are in place before the purchase is finalized.

A surveyor’s identification report is a cost that is borne by the purchaser and is usually 0.3 per cent of the value of the property, but is likely to be more, depending on the expenses incurred by the professionals involved, and the condition of the property.


rickhetts said...

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ambs said...

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kavita girdher said...

I agree that to locate boundaries and other features it is better to survey before buying property. survey will assure you are actually getting what you’re going to pay for.
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