June 13, 2008

Kingston Jamaica Real Estate

Jamaican Real Estate

Kingston is the capital of Jamaica, known as the heartbeat of the English speaking Caribbean islands. It is not a resort area similar to the north coast and is built around travel for the business tourist. It has become a haven for Jamaican business as in previous years the downtown area consisted of both residential and commercial properties, however in recent times has become completely over run by commercial properties.

It is corporate Jamaica, home to heads of government, headquarters for all ministries; consist of most if not all head offices for companies, universities and home of entertainment business. Commercial is where the money is, no matter what form of business, it can be done, and the time process to finalized documents move more speedily than other areas because all the corporate offices are there.

Investing in Kingston in any form will generate very good returns. This is the smallest parish but you have persons migrated to Kingston for work, schools and business. Of the entire employed population the city is home to at least 40%, creating a constant demand for housing.

Residential housing, commercial, entertainment, whichever you choose there is always a steady income to achieve. Rental is booming in Kingston area, and can be a solid and secure investment.

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