June 10, 2008

Jamaica Travel Real Estate

The thrill of purchasing your vacation home in paradise! Is usually one of the defining moments of a lifetime. Homeownership brings with it feelings of comfort, stability, excitement, as well the opportunity for substantial financial growth. When considering taking this emotional and financial leap it’s important to understand some of the basics of the process and potential obstacles to avoid.

Buying a piece of real estate is much different from other types of purchases, instead of owning an object like a boat, what you are really acquiring is the title to a property and the right to exclusively own, occupy and use a particular space.

Some good location for vacation properties are:

Negril with some lovely seaside properties.

Montego Bay oceanfront or cool hilly areas

St Ann the garden parish with places such as Ocho Rios, Runaway Bay, Discovery bay, and St Ann's Bay, and some more areas further east in the parish.

Portland on the South Side of Jamaica with wonderful areas, with properties that are lower valued,

Manchester is another wonderful parish is also a favorite of the English returnees, as the parish provides cool climate, such as Mandeville.

Choose any of these fabulous locations and be apart of the rapid expansion and transformation, in which Jamaica offers the number one real estate value in the Caribbean today.

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