June 9, 2008

Jamaica estates real estate

Real Estate In Jamaica

Residential schemes are developments with certain amount of homes that may have restrictions on how one can to do expansions.


Having the opportunity of purchasing a new house if development is new.A little more affordable for young or lower to middle income persons who want a chance of owning their home.

If you like the feel of a big community, this would be perfect. Some schemes have their own facilities for shopping, entertainment and schools without the hassle of going in nearby town centers.
Have potential for income earner, in terms of rentals.

Residential scheme may lose its value over time, because persons purchase properties and may turn them into business.
The fear that a number of the houses might be purchased by persons for income earner, properties will be rented and you might never know who will be your next neighbor.
Homeowners do additions to building, might end up with a large house and expect much from reselling than what the area is worth.
Wanting to build your home in a certain style but have to conform to building requirements in some developments.
Buying a property because of this need to own a home and having no choice of the area because of the type of home that you can afford, and might not like the close proximity to neighbors.

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