May 29, 2008

Real Estate Brokers Jamaica

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Real Estate Broker is licensed to operate the business of real estate in Jamaica, also referred to as a Dealer.

They should maintain a registered office for the purpose of carrying on the practice of real estate business. Before starting real estate business however, they should obtain the requisite training and be issued with a certificate of license by the Real Estate Board. A sign bearing the name of the brokerage should be placed in a conspicuous position that can be viewed by everyone.

Real Estate Broker in Jamaica acts as an umbrella for licensed sale agents to perform the business of real estate. A sales agent should not work by themselves; they have to work with a licensed Dealer.

Brokers are required to follow the regulations of the governing body of the real estate industry which is the Real Estate Board. All of their business transactions such as advertisement for properties should have the license number along with the name of the company visible to the public.

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