May 30, 2008

Portland Jamaica Real Estate

Single Parent Fun at Beaches Resorts

Dragon Bay is situated on Jamaica's northeast coast close to Port Antonio. The area around Port Antonio is considered to be the most tropical part of Jamaica and has outstanding natural beauty and with the spectacular backdrop of the Blue Mountains.

The closure of the Dragon Bay Hotel in this community of Portland contributed to the Government's decision not to rehabilitate the Ken Jones Aerodrome located in the parish. The Sandals group now owns the Dragon Bay property and interest has been expressed to refurbish and reopen for business, as soon as the certain infrastructure is in place.

Unemployment has now skyrocketed and for a youngster leaving school today there is hardly a chance at finding employment here in Portland. Decreasing business related to the neglect and the poor condition of Port Antonio and surrounding areas. The Dragon Bay Hotel itself would employ 500 persons if in operation.

For persons looking at real estate in this area, you have to look at the long term benefits that can be arrived at, lets say over the next 5 – 10 years as high end properties will increase. With the proposed developments that will be taking place along with the completion of the Highway 2000 from Ocho Rios to Port Antonio tourism activities will definitely get a boost in this area.

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