May 27, 2008

Montego Bay Property

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St. James is located in the western part of the island of Jamaica. Home to the second city and also one of our major tourist towns called Montego Bay property.

There are a lot of communities in St. James, ranging from resort, elite neighborhoods, farming, inner city to just your regular everyday living. Thinking of living in St. James and raising a family, there are a number of communities that could easily suit the living from lower to upper class living.

Introducing one of these communities called Bogue Village located just minutes out of the heart of Montego Bay town. This is a fairly new housing development built six years ago by Gore Developments and was done in phases 1 - 5. A middle income area with facilities in the village itself or easily accessible from neighboring Fairview, Catherine Hall and Westgate shopping centres.

This community started with two bedroom, one bathroom single dwelling house with reasonable yard spaces which allow you to create a little garden, play area for your kids or if you prefer to do further extensions to the original structure that was built.

Now, their own facilities are now under construction and will feature shopping centres, schools and other amenities to add to more convenient living. Already close to proximities such as schools, bank, pharmacies, movie theatre, restaurants, gas stations and clothing and furniture stores just to name a few. Convenient living and shopping without the hassle of going into the heart of the Montego Bay.

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