May 28, 2008

Jamaica Realtor

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Buying property whether it is land or house, for most of us it’s our single biggest purchase and chances are you will work with a real estate agent. Real Estate Agents or a Jamaica realtor are the industry’s gatekeepers and are trained professionals who are licensed to negotiate and transact a sale. Also, especially helpful to first time buyers, who may be nervous about what to expect from this big transaction.

The benefits of working with a Real Estate Agent when you intend to buy property in Jamaica are you will be working with a trained professional who understands what is going on in the market and will guide you every step of the way.

Real Estate Agents have access to a wealth of information from their own properties, via the internet, magazines and their own colleagues in the same field.

They will work to get you pre-qualified to make an offer on a property whether it be a cash or mortgage purchase.

Also, have the time and access to show properties that are suitable to your pricing.

Be the third party between the vendor and yourself in presenting offers and negotiating on your behalf.

After the offer is accepted they will guide you with the sale process and all the cost that will incur. Some will even help in finding a suitable lawyer to finish the sale process and look out for your interest in signing agreements between vendor and purchaser.

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