May 21, 2008

Jamaica Homes For Sale

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In Jamaica, as in most countries homes are very important and owning one is very significant, so most persons strive towards accomplishing this and will have varied needs. Therefore we are not to be left out of this quest; we have apartments, townhouses and houses.

Apartments are usually located within a gated and secured complex. This type of home is readily utilized as a second home to overseas owner and can be suited to double as both a second home and an investment property. A fee is usually attached for maintenance of amenities and would be paid by individual owners. One disadvantage though is the close proximity to neighbor and the lack of garden space may be a problem if this is bought solely for retirement purpose.

Townhouses are less common than apartment and houses and are situated as a part of a row of houses. Just as with the apartments they are suitable for non-resident or as an investment property usually in a secure complex also and will be maintained under a common scheme. But has an advantage to the apartment in that owners may have a garage and a little yard space. They are less of these types of property to choose from and building in the right location is of paramount importance.

Houses are our main type of home and these ranges from semi-attached, single dwelling to multi levels. Depending on the location that you have a house, similar to an apartment or townhouse, this can be purchased solely for the purpose of long term investment. Advantages of having a house instead of an apartment or townhouse, is that you can have your own, pool, security and most important your own space to create your garden, and at the same time be free from close proximity to neighbors.

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