May 23, 2008

Houses For Sale In Jamaica

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You have investments that are secure and will generate a return over a long period which is very stable. Whether the property is intended to be used as a home or for investment, the security of your return must be a consideration from the outset.

From an investment perspective, there are some factors when deciding whether to purchase land, apartment, townhouse or house.

Land may be purchased undeveloped for an investment or a lot in a housing development scheme to construct their custom built home. Land may be sold as a lot, part of a housing development scheme or an independent title.

For investment purposes commercial is regarded as being a safe long term security. In terms of the growth potential for the value of your investment, the relative appreciation value is far greater than say a residential investment. Long term trend of property prices are always trending up, the main influence is the vast amount of land that is vacant, like even beachfront properties that is in great demand right now. There are transaction fees involved that is unavoidable which a prudent investor should expect to recoup on the resale or leasing of a property.

In purchasing land situated in a housing scheme one must be mindful of the conditions of sale and the restrictive covenants endorsed on the title and that will impose conditions for how a building is to be constructed. This can be factor if you want to do your own creation.

Residential or commercial land, this is in great demand.

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They describe all costs associated with the purchase of houses for sale in Jamaica. It is important that the seller and the buyer understand the costs associated with real estate transactions in Jamaica.


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