May 22, 2008

Buying Real Estate in Jamaica

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An investment is any use of resource intended to increase future production with the goal of making a profit.

Real estate investments are booming in Jamaica, whether you venture into residential or commercial real estate in Jamaica one cannot lose with any of this type of project.

Residential investment is good because there is always the need for housing solutions especially in the lower income sector. If you can do a development stretching across the fourteen parishes, half if not all will be sold before project is finished.

However commercial investing is very good. Commercial property is intended for use by non-profit businesses, office complexes, shopping malls, service stations and restaurants. They may be purchased outright by a developer for future projects or leased by large companies, these properties falls somewhere between residential and industrial.

As with any investment you will need to determine how much money you are able to invest or raise, and what returns you need to generate from this investment to make it worthwhile. A commercial property offers secure investment, backed by stable leases with periodic rent increase which generate returns. All of this though will depend on a number of factors such as location, market price, availability of tenants etc.

You have done your research, acquired the necessary funds and now know what returns you need, you are ready to start looking for properties which meets your return requirements.

Good luck on investing in Jamaican real estate!

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