November 5, 2007

Montego Bay Real Estate Re-Examined

Montego Bay in Jamaica is the hub of tourism on the island on Jamaica’s north coast. Undoubtedly it is Jamaica’s most famous tourist destination and over the last 10 years well over 10,000,000 stop over arrivals have occurred. That’s three times the population size of Jamaica. Montego Bay real estate has grown in value year over year because of the multiple income opportunities, most properties can double as bed and breakfast locations and others can be used as timeshare rentals. In the past most Montego Bay Jamaica real estate was traditionally used as residential homes but as eco-tourism has become quite popular places such as West Gate Hills have seen a plethora of guest house constructions and this has meant that more and more Jamaicans are investing in tourism ventures and it is not solely the overseas investors. This has led to a greater demand than normal and a subsequent increase in prices. However over the last few years Montego Bay real estate has come under undue stress as tourist harassment is on the rise and Jamaican tourist authorities have taken steps to quell the problem. If you are not aware of what Montego Bay it self is like watch these video logs to get a basic idea.


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