November 11, 2007

Jamaica Land For Sale

Jamaican Land For Sale and rental is possibly the most attractive investment on the island today. With property development on the rise over 7500 new developments of various sizes were carried out during the year 2007. This does not include single home developments, which are also on the rise. The massive increase is actually slowed because a lack of cement on the Jamaican market. And as a result Jamaican land for sale has actually slowed down over thye last 24 months. However withy new technology powered by Google Inc. Get Jamaica.Com and Jamaica Real Estate.Net have combined to provide the largest selection of Jamaica land for sale online. Browse by parish and type of property type.

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ambs said...

If you are loking for land and are interested in stuff on the North coast try this....

A truly lovely spot!! got riverside lots, sea view lots and is close to lot of amenities! def worth checking out!