September 12, 2007

How to keep a good Jamaican property tenant

Jamaican real estate owners do have some difficulty in finding and keeping good tenants. It is often viewed that there are no good Jamaican property landlords. This is evident in several instances but it is even a bigger concern when landlords cannot find good Jamaican real estate tenants. This is compounded by the fact that the Jamaican landlord and tenant Act referred as the Rent Act offers little protection to the landlord. Ten tricks to keeping a good tenant are to make that tenant happy. This means that you will realize a steady flow of income. There are a few cheap additions that can be made to any property that can woo a tenant to remain with the landlord even when buying property might seem a cheaper prospect. Think about ceiling fans, air condition and increased storage space are just a few additions that will keep a tenant happy. This practice is called offering upgrades to the property. A tactic usually used to just increase the value and charge higher rent can be used to keep the tenant happy.

Jamaican property upgrades to rental properties and homes has a major objective. This makes tenants perceive that they are getting more than a standard rental home. When a potential tenant views a property they see not only a standard rental home or apartment, but an upgraded Jamaican property. This gives them the best meet the needs of their family. This provides a great incentive for tenants to stay in your Jamaican property. Jamaican homes or apartments that are just standard means the tenant can find another standard home or apartment. However, if a tenant believes that they live in a custom Jamaican home or residence with upgrades they are less likely to move. In fact, residents who believe they are moving into a custom rental home will stay twice as long before finally moving on. Having added extras to Jamaican rental properties the strategy is still good when being viewed by prospective tenants and residents. This strategy provides a great cash flow.

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